Do not waste time on trivial OST to PST import methods!

Exchange server crashes can frequently leave the users in a predicament as the files are rendered inaccessible. However, a direct solution to getting hands on such files is OST to PST import.

OST to PST import is nothing but the conversion of the OST files into the PST format that can be opened up in Outlook mails. This way all the OST mails can be accessed regardless of their condition- corrupted, deleted, encrypted, or inaccessible. While one may encounter several email converter tools, it is imperative that the tool be chosen with utmost care. The email files have crucial data and leaving these to the mercy of random tools can pose a great threat to their very integrity and security.

OST Extractor Pro offers OST to PST import to the users with reliable security and safety feature. It also extends a simple process that enables even the beginners to handle the job professionally. And as far as the time taken to complete the OST to PST import job via this method is concerned, it is probably the shortest when compared to that of the rest of the tools. It barely takes a few minutes to get beautifully converted and precise PST files.

Opting for OST Extractor Pro can be a game changer for those who have been experiencing the sloppy conversion methods until now.

Learn how to gain full access to files with OST Extractor Pro!

OST Extractor Pro is an extremely user friendly application which engenders a comprehensible environment for all the users alike. Individuals are able to move smoothly across the application and find their way to the final files. But many remain curious as to how this tool is able to provide complete access to the files.

When it comes to the providing a solution to the OST to PST import issues, this tool simply excels at it. It converts the entire mailbox with all the elements such as mails, contacts, attachments, nested messages, etc. into the PST format which can further be imported into Outlook mails to make all these mails usable. The tool is also amazing at restoring all the associated properties of the mails like to and from data, timestamps, signature stamps, read and unread status, etc. All in all, it can be said that this tool provides a comprehensive solution to the OST to PST import problem.

With a simple interface and a super intuitive process structure, the users glide through in quick progressions gaining access to PST files within a few minutes of the initiation of the whole process. All one has to do is:

- Upload the files
- Check the data files and select or de-select folders as per requirements
- Choose the output as PST from amongst other formats offered such as Apple mail, MBOX, etc.
- Choose the disk space location for these files
- Click on convert

The users can sit back and relax while this tool unfolds its magic to provide impeccable OST to PST import results!

Convert Thunderbird to PST for Free With This Amazing Tool

To convert Thunderbird to PST is one of the most daunting tasks, one can ever undertake. The task has been given an infamous reputation because of the amount of time, energy and money it consumes. The tools made for this task are either incompetent or plainly fraudulent. The manual method is extremely risky and does not work at all.

However, contrary to all notions, the task is very simple. The task can be easily completed in no time at all. With the help of the right tool, customers are empowered with the right process and right technology. The tools made specifically for this task can easily make the conversion process easy and smooth. The amazing software is Mail Extractor Pro by USL software. Plus, this tool is also free.


This tool has been made for the task of Thunderbird to PST conversion. This primary task has been perfected to such an extent that customers convert the task with an amazing sense of ease. The tool provides all the tools and equipment necessary for this task. The tool is fully adept for this task and provides comprehensive and speedy conversion.

Customers can import Thunderbird files to PST for free with this tool. The tool has a free trial version. This demo version provides customers with the amazing opportunity to fully explore the tool’s functioning for free. The demo version gives you quality imports of Thunderbird files to PST for a limited time period. In that time period, you have to fully analyze this tool to find out what they are offering.

Here are the list of services this tool provides that you will definitely be in awe of:-


The tool can give you complete conversions. This might seem like an ordinary service but it is not. Every mail can contain host of items other than text, nested data, embedded images and other things. It can be very tricky to convert all of them. With the help of its latest technology the tool makes sure that customers can easily convert everything in Thunderbird database. This saves customers from the sight of many errors that daily occur in Thunderbird to Outlook conversion of other tools.


The conversion rate of this tool is extraordinary. The tool can easily import Thunderbird files to PST in no time at all. The tool can easily make sure that customers get the best quality of conversions for the shortest span of time. This is the reason why it is the best tool for importing Thunderbird files to PST.


The tool can easily keep the folder arrangement intact. This helps in easily procuring converted files for work. It saves customers lot of time and trouble.

There is nothing to wait for. Download the free trial version of this MBOX to PST converter and make sure you get the best Thunderbird to PST conversion for free.
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